Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Classic" Praga

CONSERVATÓRIO a show by Teatro Praga (co-production Festival Alkantara), at Armazém Hospital Miguel Bombarda till May 29th 2008. (These pictures were taken on May 28th). Share

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Embed: "Dear Tracey"

"Dear Tracey"

"Tracey Emin, Daisy Bates Sexy dancing in Beverley Hills Hotel"

In November 7th 2007, some guy (well it looks like a man in his profile youtube pic anyway) posted the video “Tracey Emin, Daisy Bates Sexy dancing in Beverley Hills Hotel”, a rough video of “Famous British Artist Tracey Emin And Actress Daisy Bates Dancing like lunatics to the Killers at the Beverley Hills Hotel, LA”. Performer Miguel Bonneville saw it and decided to make a “video response” titled “Dear Tracey” on May 18th 2008 with his friend Sofia Arriscado. The song on both youtube videos is The Killers cover of “Shadowplay” by Joy Division (“Music From The Motion Picture Control”).

Try to press play at the same time on both videos - it is quite the experience!

“Dear Tracey” premieres a new category in this blog –

(embed - To implant so deeply as to make change nearly impossible, also used as the name of the code of youtube videos)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Temporary Collaborations" by Pedro Barateiro and Ricardo Valentim

"Temporary Collaborations" by Pedro Barateiro and Ricardo Valentim. Published by Galeria Pedro Cera. If you start flipping from the green cover you'll get images by the artists, if you start by lettering cover you'll get a conversation by the two artist-editors (Pedro Barateiro and Ricardo Valentim) and texts by Jonathan Xavier Inda and Renato Rosaldo, Wayne Gabardi, Susan Kelly and Maurizio Lazzarato. Design by Nuno Luz. Edition of 2000 copies. This publication will be distributed for free throughout the duration of Art Basel 39. Share

Monday, May 26, 2008

and during the day... Putting Fear In Its Place

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Putting Fear in Its Place by Alexandre Estrela

PUTTING FEAR IN ITS PLACE by Alexandre Estrela at Chiado 8 Arte Contemporânea till July 27th 2008. Didn't think any other photo was appropriate (and video installations are almost impossible to photograph at least with my camera...) - usually the name of the artist features and the title appears in a smaller font in the billboard announcing the exhibition - this time the artist preferred otherwise... (this photo is of the opening day May 23rd 2008).


Thursday, May 22, 2008

E-Flux Video Rental at Gulbenkian

(a Valentine!)

E-FLUX VIDEO RENTAL at the Gulbenkian Foundation. A project by Anton Vidokle e Julieta Aranda. Till July 31st 2008. (These pictures are of the opening day: May 21 2008).


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It turns out it wasn't

Serralves May 10th 2008

Serralves April 14th 2008

In April, I thought this was going to be an installation by Erik van Lieshout at the Serralves Museum but came back a few weeks later, now after the opening of the exhibition, and it turns out it wasn't - they were just using this space to work. Couldn't find any traces of this structure in the exhibition. This post relates to THIS older post and check out THIS new one on "Institutional and Poetic Violence".

Well, as you can read in the comment below - it turns out IT WAS an installation by van Lieshout but the rain made it impossible... thanx VBD for the info Share

"Institutional and Poetic Violence" at Serralves

Erik Van Lieshout

Anne-Lise Coste

Tatjana Doll

"INSTITUTIONAL AND POETIC VIOLENCE" by Anne-Lise Coste, Tatjana Doll and Erik Van Lieshout at Serralves Museum till July 13 2008.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jerry Bouthier at Lux

Jerry Bouthier resident DJ at Boombox (R.I.P.) and Kitsuné at LUX (with portuguese duo Audio Jockeys). May 16th 2008. Share