Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It turns out it wasn't

Serralves May 10th 2008

Serralves April 14th 2008

In April, I thought this was going to be an installation by Erik van Lieshout at the Serralves Museum but came back a few weeks later, now after the opening of the exhibition, and it turns out it wasn't - they were just using this space to work. Couldn't find any traces of this structure in the exhibition. This post relates to THIS older post and check out THIS new one on "Institutional and Poetic Violence".

Well, as you can read in the comment below - it turns out IT WAS an installation by van Lieshout but the rain made it impossible... thanx VBD for the info Share


vbd said...

actually, miss Dove, it was. but the rain on the night after the opening turned it into debris...
ps: quando voltar ao porto, veja lá se se lembra que tem amigos a viver por cá... ;-)

Susana Pomba said...

Ó VBD desta fez fui por 3 horas...! Beijos e saudades! xxxdove