Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Calling at 3+1

Sara Amido (PT)

Cristina Del Campo (ES)

Mauro Vallejo (ES)

Carla Fernández Andrade (ES)

Callum Monteith (UK)

Tiago Alexandre (PT)

Tânia Marcelino (PT)

De Almeida e Silva (PT)

Tiago Alexandre (PT)

Nádia Rodrigues Ribeiro (PT)

Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Dupont (AU)

Mikael Larsson (SE) 

Summer Calling at 3+1 till September 14th
(closed in August)
I was part of the jury that selected the artists with James Steele and Jorge Viegas (3+1) and Joana Baguenier.


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