All headers are made specially for Dove's Taste of The Day! By many different creators that have kindly spent some time thinking about this blog. Thank you to all of them! These are all previous blog headers

By Joana Barrios

by Rita Nunes

by Vasco Araújo

by Filipa César

by Vasco Barata

by Ana Anacleto

by Boom

by Boom

by dove

by barbara says

by Miguel Bonneville

by barbara says...

by Gabriel Abrantes

by Victor Beiramar Diniz
by Gabriel Abrantes

by Quim Albergaria 
(drawn on a coaster at Snob on November 5th 2009, Lisbon)

by Sara & André
(Ginger cookies made by S&A, eaten by Miss Dove)

by António Contador
by Benjamin Crotty

by 2m (This blog header had 8 different parts, dove fly fly...)

by Vera Marmelo

by Lúcia Prancha and Sara Nunes Fernandes

by Ana Anacleto

by Francisco Peres (origami) and Luís Faria (photo)

by Susanne Themlitz

by Pedro Barateiro

By Susana Gaudêncio
by Boom
by Maria Walnut
By Joaquim Albergaria
by André Guedes
by Ramiro Guerreiro
Sara & André

André Godinho


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